At JimmyJane, sexy is smart. Our in-house design team is constantly finding ways to make our products more seamlessly functional and intuitive. It's not just about creating a look – it's about offering an exceptional new experience to our customers. To that end, we often develop patented technologies that take our products to the next level. You expect the best from your iPhone, why settle for less from your vibrator?


FORM 2 Patents

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FORM 3 Patents

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FORM 4 Patents

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FORM 6 Patents

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United States 7,510,537; additional patent application(s) pending.

CONTOUR Massage Stones Patents

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SPIN ME Patent

United States 7,918,454

INDULGENCES Pocket Pleasure Set

Patent Pending

Curved Gripp™

Patent Pending

Dual Gripp™

Patent Pending

Form 2 Gripp™

Patent Pending