When you order a sex toy, you might be worried about what the packaging will look like when it arrives. Will it be obvious what's inside?

sex toy with a discreet package

Some people like to let their freak on, but there's no reason Carol from next door needs to know what you're up to in the bedroom. Discreet packaging may be even more critical if you live with roommates or family members. Sometimes, your sex toy purchase may even need to be a secret from your romantic partner!

JIMMYJANE's outer packaging is not shaped like a dildo, nor does it have any pictures of sex toys on it. We understand your need for privacy and this is why we make our packaging inconspicuous. You could be receiving the latest smartphone or smartwatch as far as anyone can tell!

Receive your toy to your next titillating experience in the mail without worrying about any nosy onlookers finding out what you're into, whether it's some lube, a butt plug, or multiple sex toys.

What Does Sex Toy Packaging Look Like?

discreet pack form 2 gripp

Before we delve into sex toy packaging, we must first differentiate between the outer packaging required to mail it and the box the sex toy comes in.

JIMMYJANE toys are shipped in generic-looking boxes or bubble mailers, so it doesn't scream, "I just ordered a sex toy!" The shape of the package is also very discreet. You won't see the outline of a dildo through the bubble mailer! It is just an average box that includes everything needed for your new sex toy, including the toy, charger, and accessories. Additionally, each box provides a QR an instruction manual, so you know exactly how to use your toy.

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The box is stylish and modern. It includes a product picture and list of all the features. This package isn't what customers see when the product arrives. Your privacy is protected by an innocent-looking box.

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Sex Toy in a Discreet Package

Discreet Packaging Vibrator

Buying a vibrator is an exhilarating moment. You may imagine using it alone or with a partner. Once you've ordered it, you may start counting the days until it arrives. However, you may also feel anxious about the possibility of the people around you finding out what you ordered. We know how important privacy is to our customers, so we have designed vibrators with discreet packaging.

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Many of our vibrators have a feature that adds a level of discretion during shipping and travel. A travel lock prevents a vibrator from buzzing randomly at the inopportune moments, like when it is your bag or when you are going through airport security. It also prevents the battery from draining unexpectedly.

Discreet Dildo Shipping

dildo with discreet sex toy and shipping

At JIMMYJANE, all dildos come with discreet shipping and packaging, and purchasing vibrators and dildos are becoming more popular. Still, many people want to keep what goes on in their bedrooms private.

Many people are uncomfortable talking about sex, letting those around them know they purchased or own a vibrator. So, they want privacy regarding what they do behind closed doors.

Even if you are comfortable talking about sex, you may not want people to know what happens in your bedroom, which is normal, to have boundaries around your sex life.

Sex toys can be a significant part of your sex life. There is no reason to be ashamed of owning a sex toy, whether you are single or a couple. Sex toys are a part of sexual health and wellness. They can bring more pleasure and fulfillment to your life. But even though there's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's only natural that you wouldn't want to broadcast your latest sex toy purchase to everyone you know. Even the delivery person won't know what's inside your package!

Your Secret is Safe With Us!

Your smile or giggle when you receive your package may make the delivery person wonder why you're so happy, but the packaging won't reveal what's inside. Our packaging protects the toy and keeps your privacy. Our high-quality toys are made with elegant and advanced technology, and our packaging reflects that while respecting our clients' privacy.