• Kegel Length: 6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
  • Kegel Diameter: 1.1 in. (2.9 cm)
  • Insertable Length: 2.2 in. (5.5 cm)
  • Tail Length: 4.3 in. (11 cm)
  • Small Kegel Weight: 30 g.
  • Medium Kegel Weight: 60 g.
  • Large Kegel Weight: 90 g.


    • Silicone & Metal

    Usage Instructions

    Slowly insert the trainer inside the vaginal canal leaving part of the stem outside of the body for easy removal. Apply a few drops of lubricant such as SELF + JimmyJane Water-Based Lubricant as necessary. For a count of three, tighten your pelvic floor muscles as though you’re stopping urination midstream. Release for a count of three. Work up to 10 to 15 repetitions three times a day. For a more specialized regimen catered to your needs, speak with a health care provider.

    Cleaning Instructions

    Upon removal, rinse with cold water. Next, rinse with warm water and if desired, use a mild, fragrance-free soap. Rinse well with warm water prior to reinsertion.


    This set is not a toy. If you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use and immediately consult a physician. If you have a pacemaker or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before using this product. Prior to use, read all warnings and follow directions provided. Keep out of reach of children. Choking Hazard. Small Parts. — Not for children under 3 years or any individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths.