Mini Silicone Plug

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Master Case Qty: 48

At just 1" wide with an insertable length of 3", the Mini Silicone Plug has a tapered tip for easy entry, a bulb that provides extra sensation, and a narrow neck that allows your muscles to wrap around and hold it in. The ergonomic design of the base ensures it won't slip too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks.

Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone is smooth to the touch and can be worn all day for long-lasting fun.

    Features & Benefits

    • Perfect for Beginners
    • Wide Base for Safe and Easy Removal
    • Tapered Tip to Ease Insertion
    • Flanged Base for Comfortable Fit
    • Elite Silicone material

    Operating Instructions

    The anus and rectum do not have an automatic lubricating system like the vagina, so use plenty of e.g. Moist‚® lubricant to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

    Care Instructions

    Cleaning: After the fun, wash the Mini Silicone Plug with antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

    Package Includes

    • (1) Silicone Plug