Duo Pleasure Wallbang-Her

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Her fantasies often had her yearning for an incredible sexual experience where her clit would be pampered with extraordinary vibration and her G-spot would also have its own intimate vibrating rewards*she knew the intensity of the dual sensations would deeply satisfy her with a pleasure she'd only imagined. Until now.

She had discovered the Duo Pleasure Wallbang-Her and was trembling with excitement, giddy to try it for herself. The amazing grip of the suction-cup base held her Wallbang-Her securely in place on her bedpost. This allowed her to passionately grind on it and thrust against it as she easily pressed the power button again and again to experience every powerful vibration pattern possible. Dampness moistened her inner thighs as she felt the internal motor massage her G-spot and the external motor pleasingly tease her clit. She surrendered herself into intoxicating delight as a deep orgasm rippled through her. The impressive combination of internal and external vibration had allowed her to reach the full potential of her pleasure.

Features & Benefits

• Multi-Function
• Strong Suction-Cup Base
• Elite Silicone
• Waterproof

Operating Instructions

Charging Instructions: Rechargeable via the included magnetic USB charging cord.

Vibration Power On/Off: Press and hold the power button to initiate power. Press the power button again to cycle through 11 patterns of vibration. Press and hold to turn off.

Package Includes

• (1) Vibrator
• (1) USB Charging Cord